Assess Your Swing-Flex

Assess your upper and lower body flexibility with a Swing Flexibility Self-Evaluation and Assessment.

There are over 22 muscles involved in the golf swing!  How do you identify the part of your body that may be restricting your back swing or causing a poor swing? Use the Swing Flexibility Self-Evaluation Guide!

Target muscles and weak areas can be trained for better flexibility, strength, or both!

The Swing Flexibility Assessments test your posture, flexibility, strength, mobility, balance and coordination. Evaluating the results can identify problems that may cause short strokes, inconsistent swing patterns, or other swing errors. The Self-Evaluation Assessments are not a cure all! If you have major musculoskeletal problems, see a physician first.

Golf and Muscle Problems

Muscle Problem:

Reduced neck rotation

Lack of Trunk Strength

Limited Hip Range of Motion

Tight hamstrings

Weak Shoulders, Rotator Cuff

Lack of Trunk Strength

Limited Trunk Range of Motion

Becomes the Golf Problem:

Difficulty keeping eye on ball during swing

Spine angle not maintained during swing

Poor swing patterns

Poor address position

Decreased club head speed, poor club control

Inability to transfer power

Limits shoulder turn, poor sequencing btwn hips and trunk

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General Info

The information and exercises presented on this video (and web site) are intended as an educational resource and are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Please consult your physician or physical therapist before performing any of the exercises on this video.