Balance Drill

Balance is the key to consistency in your shots. If you rush your swing, you lose balance and the end result is inconsistent contact and poor ball flight.
Lower body stability  from good balance enables better synchronization between the body turn and the club swing, the result is a more consistent strike.

Your Setup
You should have your weight evenly balanced between your right and your left foot with your middle and long irons. Also, you should feel your weight evenly balanced between your heels and your toes, roughly on the balls of the feet.

Find and memorize your balance points with this drill. (Note: Start swinging in slow motion, about 10-percent of your normal swing speed, for 10 reps. Then repeat while increasing your speed to 20-percent, 30-percent, and so on up to 80-percent.)

1. Close your eyes and feel your balance at address, then make a back swing and stop at the top, feel your balance on the inside of the back foot.
2. Start your downswing by feeling weight move to the front shoe, then stop at impact. Your weight should be on the front foot.
3. Continue your swing to the finish and hold, feeling your weight on the front foot, and tap your back toe.

Drill: Practice Swing in Slow Motion
One of the very best practice drills involves practicing your swing in slow motion:

1. Set up 10 teed-up balls and make full swings in slow motion. The balls should only travel 10 to 15 yards. Think of this speed as 10-percent of your normal swing speed. (Your belt buckle is the “speedometer” of your swing for this exercise.)
2. Every 10 balls, increase your body rotation speed by 10-percent.
3. By the time you reach 80-percent, you will arrive at your optimum rhythm and balance speed.



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