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  • Posture is Power in Golf!

    Posture is Power in Golf!

    Posture is more than just standing up straight! Postural stability provides a consistent swing plane. Posture means power production in golf! Unfortunately, your body slowly adapts to poor posture, causing muscles to weaken and become imbalanced. A few simple exercises, done consistently, can improve and maintain good posture. The result of better posture is more swing power! Bad posture can produce tendonitis, muscle & joint sprains by placing your muscles at a bio-mechanical disadvantage. Here’s what posture does for your […]

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  • What is a golf workout?

    What is a golf workout?

    A golf workout targets the muscles that are used in your swing. Training your muscles for strength will also give you power, accuracy, improved balance and increased flexibility. Targeted flexibility training increases your range of rotation through your golf swing making your shots more consistent and smooth! The golf swing puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body, especially the lower back and shoulders. If you want to improve your game, then you need to be both strong and […]

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  • Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

    Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

    Do you want to increase your Club Head Speed for more DISTANCE? Would you like to have better flexibility for more POWER and ACCURACY?

    Are you ready to have lower scores, play your best golf ever and have fun? Start by adding a few simple stretches to your pre-golf routine and see swing improvement!

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  • Power and Accuracy!

    Power and Accuracy!

    Stronger, more flexible muscles in your Shoulders, Back and Chest enable you to swing the club smoothly which gives you Effortless Power!

    Muscles that are strong help lower your scores and prevent overuse injuries.

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