Clinic 3: How to improve your posture for a powerful swing!

Posture is important for consistency, accuracy, and distance!

Poor posture places your muscles at a bio-mechanical disadvantage. Because the golf swing is not a dual sided motion, posture imbalances can quickly escalate. The repetitive nature of the swing increases the chance of injury and muscle imbalances. When muscles are overused, the supportive and opposing muscles weaken. Weak muscles injure easily and cause poor performance! Tight chest muscles and weak back muscles create a viscous cycle of back aches, poor posture and a limited golf swing.

Poor Posture = PAIN

  • Tendonitis

  • Muscle & joint sprains

  • Back Injuries

  • Hip pain

  • Shoulder aches

  • Poor golf performance

Posture is maintaining the spine angle and contributes to your balance. A strong core and trunk improves your posture and lets power from the legs be transferred to the upper body during the golf swing. Postural strength gives you the control needed to place a shot closer to the target, the ability to hit a good shot when you are standing uphill or in a bunker.
It is crucial to your game and your health to keep muscles balanced and strong to prevent injury and be able to enjoy your rounds of golf! Strong muscles are more flexible and have muscle memory. Regular exercise can improve posture, power, distance and control in your golf swing.

Good Posture = POWER

  • Control

  • Power

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Improved flexibility

  • Distance

Next time you go to hit balls, remember you want quality not quantity at the driving range! Begin by warming up your muscles with a few simple exercises. Make it a habit!

Do these exercises before you swing a club:

1. squat or chair sits 10x
2. haybales 10x per side
3. rotator cuff/scapula squeezes 10x
4. willow tree stretch with a club 10 sec per side

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