Clinic 2: Pinpoint Your Weak Areas

Did you know that there are basically 22 muscles involved in the forward golf swing? The proper conditioning of these muscles will increase your club head speed, give you better control, power and accuracy! You have muscle weakness and imbalances that exercise can improve if you suffer from:

  • Poor Posture
  • Slouching
  • Lower Back Aches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain


Pinpoint Your Weak Areas:
Assessment #1: Balance & Rotation
Test: Crossover Step
Step left foot over right. Maintain balance and flat feet without foot or body rotation.
Results: Cannot maintain balance or position.
Solution: Work on core strength & leg flexibility.

Assessment #2: Posture & Flexibility
Test: Side Bending
Golf club over head, staggered stance. Evaluate posture on each side.
Results: Posture unequal or unable to attain test position.
Solution: Work on back strength, overall flexibility and muscle imbalances.

Assessment #3: Mobility & Coordination
Test: Squat or chair pose-With arms overhead, squat or begin to sit in a chair and hold the position.
Evaluate hip height, heel position and arm position in relation to ears.
Results: Range of motion limited.
Solution: Work on chest, shoulder & back flexibility, and core & back strength.

Download the guide to Clinic#2 here.


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General Info

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