Golf Assessment: Pinpoint Problems to Improve Your Swing

In order to gain competitive advantage and optimize performance, most elite golfers use a specific fitness program regularly.

If you don’t have the physical ability to create a full shoulder or hip turn, you won’t be able to hit the ball farther. Tight and weak muscles prevent your body from executing the proper swing sequence or creating enough rotation speed to really hit the ball a long way.

A golfer can ONLY do what they are physically capable of doing…nothing more.

Once physical limitations are identified, a modification can be made to the golf instruction or an exercise program can be started to address the issues.

Assessments also identify areas in the body susceptible to injury. You swing should be efficient, powerful and SAFE on your body. Your personal golf workout program addresses any limitations in flexibility, mobility or strength.
Most importantly, the information gained from assessments helps reduce injury risk and promotes longevity in golf.
The Golf Assessment is an evaluation aimed toward all levels of golfers.  The purpose is to improve your physical conditioning for golf and to create a smooth pain free swing. This adds years to your game and enjoyment by identifying potential areas of injury to your body and eliminating them before they occur.

The Golf Assessment is designed to pinpoint restrictions in both mobility and stability that prevent you from performing your optimal golf swing.  Once these limitations have been identified, an exercise program can be designed to help correct these areas.

When your weak points are improved, you get a decrease in the incidence of golf-related injuries and to an ability to play pain-free.  The exercise program created for you can then be followed on your own, or under the supervision of our Fitness Trainers.

Your swing and your body are unique. Your golf exercise program is designed specifically for you and you needs! The resulting swing will have more power, distance, and consistency! Making your scores lower and game more enjoyable!


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General Info

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