What’s wrong with your swing?

Is this familiar?

Your game is deteriorating, your swing is just not what it used to be, your back aches and you’re frustrated!

What’s wrong with your swing?   It’s your muscles!

To improve your swing you must find WHAT is causing the problem.

Tight muscles reduce your range of motion and turn your smooth swing into a choppy mess!

Which muscles and what do I need to do?

The site of pain is not always the source of pain!

Your lower back hurts, but that may not be the source of the problem!  Most problems with your muscles and  body mechanics are symptoms of inflexibility and muscle imbalance.  In my experience with golfers, the hips and hamstrings tend to be the problem areas and often restrict the upper body range of motion!  Simple stretches for the lower body, return the muscles of the upper body to the fluid motion every golfer wants!

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