Power and Accuracy!

Did you know that there are basically 22 muscles involved in the forward golf swing? No wonder golf is such a challenging game! The proper conditioning of these muscles will increase your club head speed, give you better control, power and accuracy.

Our Fitness Director, Kira Langolf, has developed a Golf Specific Fitness Program to improve your swing and lower your scores!

“Whether you play golf or not, if you suffer with poor posture and slouching or lower back aches and pains, then you have a muscular imbalance,” says Kira. “Don’t worry, these common issues can be fixed with a few simple exercises, done consistently.”



Stronger, more flexible muscles in Your Shoulders, Back and Chest to swing the club which = Effortless Power!

We are committed to lowering your scores and having you Play the Best Golf of Your Life, injury free!


Personal Coach!

Take your Personal Coach anywhere! Download golf warm-ups, stretch routines, workouts and more to your phone or media device with membership!

General Info

The information and exercises presented on this video (and web site) are intended as an educational resource and are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Please consult your physician or physical therapist before performing any of the exercises on this video.